Overview of the Service

When it comes to construction, maintenance and repair work, scaffolding is temporarily built around the periphery of a construction site to provide workers access to the top, as well as in areas which is hard-to-reach. Buildings today are huge and complex architectural projects, which need scaffolding in place before construction can start. 


This scaffolding not only assists with the edifice, but also protects pedestrian traffic from injury. Therefore, much like the specialized Engineers, Carpenters, Masons, Electricians etc., working on the building, it too requires a set of professionals to Erect, Alter, dismantle a temporary structure to support a platform, these professional erecters are called Scaffolders, at AFJ we undertake Scaffolding projects which is accomplished by our highly trained professional Scaffolders. We custom design scaffolding to client as per their construction-specific needs.

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